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School of active tourism

The aim of the school of active tourism is the development of the complex educational approach to tourism which is segregated into eight types: cultural, historical, eco, etno, industrial, field and religious tourism. The young leaders of the school had developed the appropriate within Estonia programme which includes at least two-three above mentioned types of tourism. The programme focuses on different target groups, but mainly youth.

Amongst the ambitious aims of the school activity are:

  • cultivation of practical knowledge and supplement to the tourism values and resources of Estonia;
  • development and improvement of the tourism planning skills;
  • project management (from preparation to evaluation and upcoming project development);
  • comprehensive and holistic development of youngsters (from group work to analytical thinking skills);
  • development of the organisational skills.

The school of active tourism is the pilot project, therefore first and experimental target group is Tartu young scholars from 7—11 grades of Tartu Russian liceum and Annelinna high-school.

Tartu as main field of activities is also the starting point for trips around Estonia according to the programme and chosen types of tourism.

More information about the schedule and/or thematical events request from Deniss Jershov.

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