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Youth across Europe New partnerships for a common future

(Tbilisi, Georgia)


  • Lithuanian liberal youth (LLY), Academy for Peace and Development


  • Total number: 37.
  • Countries: All EECA and Program Countries.

Summary of the meeting

This Contact Making Seminar (CMS) was organized for potential partners from Program countries and Eastern Europe and Caucasus region. CMS was aimed to enhance the cooperation between organizations from EECA and Program countries, and to create projects within Action I, Action II and Action V. General objectives were fulfilled: participants mainly presented by experienced youth leaders and multipliers had created very friendly atmosphere supported by Georgian hospitality and Caucasian temperament. Daily programme contained plenty of possibilities to intercultural learning and experiencing local reality, professional trainers were given workshops on non-formal approach and simulations of life-learning process.

EUYA representative: Olga Bogdanova.

More about this project: pictures.

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