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Media Bazaart

(Nea Makri, Greece)


  • Hellenic Association of Youth Informatics


  • Countries: Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Estonia, Romania, Turkey, Cyprus, Hungary, Bulgaria.

Project description

The main objective of this training course is to improve the capacity building and the exchange of experiences/practices among participants concerning the “art” of communicating focusing in particular on the interlinkages between NGO activities and the effective communication of their messages to the media and to the wide public.

It is well known that NGOs and young people working in them — either on a voluntarily or professional basis — realize a series of activities relating to their organisations' objectives and focuses. However, independently from the type of activities organised (campaigns, street actions, street theatre, creation and production of information material etc.), their fields of interest (art, environment, sport, culture, social issues etc) and groups targeted (young people, individuals with particular problems or specific needs etc) in most of the cases it can be observed a weakness in promoting at a large scale — to the wide public and especially to other young people — and in a well penetrating manner messages and results while the approach to the mass-media is often ineffective.

During the seminar participants were divided in teams that focused on different thematic cycles including, among others, the organization of street actions, preparation of an informative newsletter, the drafting of a leaflet, the creation of a web-site, photographs making for the promotion of events in the Media, writing of information bulletins and press releases and other journalist / media supporting activities.

In the final phase of this seminar each team performed accordingly to the topics it has focussed on in the framework of the thematic cycles. So the team dealing with street actions realized a specific action at the venue of the seminar while the other teams provided the needed support to publicize and make the action widely known (writing a press release, through photographic coverage, creation of a web page, preparation of a newsletter etc).

Meanwhile participants got a chance to enjoy Greek seaside, taste local food and drinks, to walk in historical districts of Athens and have a good time together.

EUYA representative: Olga Bogdanova.

More about this project: pictures.

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