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Let's remove divisions in Europe by breaking the stereotypes

(Warsaw, Poland)


  • Local: ZSP Polish Students Association (Joanna Glanc, Paulina Mis), Polish Youth Council PRM (www.prm.org.pl), OSOA — The Round Table of Students Organizations (www.osoa.org.pl).
  • Institutional: Ministry of Education and Sports, Committee of European Integration, Embassies of Poland, Youth Program.


  • Total number: 23.
  • Countries: 10.
  • Age: ~20—25.

Summary of the project

The main purpose of the seminar is to increase the common awareness that we — young people — can play a crucial role in breaking stereotypes which have developed during the years of division between the Western and the Eastern countries. Now all countries becoming a union and human should know more about each other. Therefore it is a specific aim of the seminar to gather information about what young people in Europe know about Poland and Poles.

Description of the activities

In the frames of the seminar the participants investigated local culture and reality looking through perspectives of development and co-operation, taking into account the peculiarities of the represented region. Participants from European countries (Spain, Italy, France, Estonia, Hungary, UK, Bulgaria, etc.) raise awareness about divisions and stereotypes in European countries, youth exchanges, conferences and thematic seminars as continuation of the discussions in the issues of the seminar, etc. At the seminar there were presented few new projects as well: “Polish busses in European cities” (the aim of the action is to make sure there is relevant information about Poland before it enters the EU, with support of young people gathered in their association across Europe); “Evaluation conference on topic of cultural diversity and active European citizenship”; “Elaboration of documents for the information campaign about Poland and publishing and/or assembling of the promotional materials”.

Activities, made the greatest contribution to:

  • intercultural learning: preparation of surveys in international groups (teamwork), an intercultural activity, national food evenings, discussion of the main intercultural, social problems, work in groups in the topics of the main issues of the conference, discussions in working groups, presentations of the youth activity by each delegation in their countries, development of the new ideas and forthcoming seminars and projects, visiting of the Polish Seim and House of Parliament, meeting with the Government of Poland (Minister of National Education and Sport, Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.), President of the Polish Youth Council, creative text writing workshops (by Loesje International);
  • personal development: preparation of surveys in teams (for some participants that was the first experience of polling and especially in another country), excursion to the downtown of Warsaw and learning further information about Polish history, traditions and Government (facts, researches, polls results), discussions in working groups and preparations to the group report (as a result, learning of the human mentality, stereotypes and different cultures), breaking stereotypes itself.

Representatives of EUYA: Anton Kotjarov, Jelena Kolesnikova.

Group leader: Anton Kotjarov.

Project coordinator: Olga Bogdanova.

More about this project: pictures.

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