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Act local, think global

(Zelenkovac, Bosnia ja Herzegovina)


  • Total: 28
  • Countries: Italy, FYROM, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Average: 18—25.

First of all, the common project was the first project by EUYA implemented outside of Estonia and therefore brought us onto next stage of development and became an adventure in many kinds.

Host location of the exchange (Ecological camp Zelenkovac) represents a very special kind of natural park. Every year large number of volunteers comes to this place with just main prupose — to conservate and protect one of the most beautiful areas on a map of modern Europe, place, which on backgrounds of expanding EU remains pure and vulnerable. Moreover, Zelenkovac can be considered as one of the most uniquest examples of successful initiative on local level that found support and help by local government and people not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also around Europe. The fame of the place can be proved by number of people coming here everydays for relaxing atmosphere, nature and cultural and historical knowledge with any kind of support.

Thus, partner groups of the exchange, by proposal of Bosnian partner, apart of programme activities dedicated some time to work voluntary in Zelenkovac, mainly cleaning the area, improving paths and routes for tourists and fixing bungalows.

Also, natural heritage protection was meant to be main topic of workshops and therefore was implemented and played around in materials, representing outcomes of this workshops (photo, video, posters, flipcharts and publications) that in our case were used as promotional tools and rised interest to Zelenkovac from the side of local authorities and mass media, especially during Green Fest 2006 that was held in Zelenkovac whilst the exchange.

Arart of our group there was a group of volunteers from more than 10 countries who had strong interest in taking part in the programme activities and found the topics discussed actual and interesting. This raised the actual number of participants from 27 to 43 people aged from 18 to 25.

Finally, we hope the project became and will become a good inspiration to local community to carry on in finding sources for support of such exchanges and promotion of Youth programme in described region.

At last we would like to thank our partners and local institutions for support during the project:

  • Zepter Passport and Rafting Club “Kanjon” for special discounts at catering places, transportation and rafting services;
  • TOBL (Turistička Organizacija Grada Banja Luka) and Tourist Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina for informational materials and activities dedicated to sightseeings and treasure game;
  • RTRS (Radio and Television of Republic of Serpska) for attracting attention to our project and making us famous;
  • and personally, Borislav Jankovic and Milakovic family for invaluable help and hospitality.

Project was supported by Programme “Youth”.

More about this project: description, pictures.

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