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Windrose — Mindrose: Inspiration Towards Creative Society

(Kohtla-Järve, Ida-Virumaa)

The main aim of this project is demonstration of proved method of positive understanding of any kind of situation (pleasant and unpleasant) and, moreover, transformation of human reaction into something, that can be shared and understood by others — into, so called, Loesje text — type of positive social advertisement, that gives smile or inspiration and, as a result, protects you from pressure outside.

EUYA determines as its main purpose the compilation and introduction of new methods of work with youth in sphere of non-formal education, such as intellectual games: “What? Where? When“, “Hat“, “Brain-Ring“; Loesje — creative writing, positive vision of world, etc. Besides one of the purpose to organize such seminar is geographical involvement of Estonia in to international Loesje movement and presentation of the Loesje methods to the partners from South of Europe and first support towards to establishing that non-formal method in the regions and countries which they represent. By bringing together youth from 9 regions of Europe for joint creation of positive texts and ideas and spreading them later on public and, through this, by acquaintance not only with theoretical part of Loesje, but with practical side of its existence, we plan to demonstrate of the new practical methods of positive reaction on everyday stresses caused by any sort of political or social activity.

During the project implementation the members of EUYA and Loesje Estonia would have an opportunity to participate in the seminar and the workshops that would be given. Then, the result of the workshops will be published on the web pages and public places where those texts would be spreaded.

There are 45 representatives of 9 European countries will take part in the seminar (Holland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain and Greece), a lot of them already are the activists of Loesje movement.

Project supported by Youth for Europe Foundation.

More about this project: report, pictures.

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