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Cultural diversity and intellectual values in frames of EU globalization


In the framework of European integration and the rapid development of global information technologies there inevitably develops a universal communicative environment, which in its turn erases the boundaries between states, regions, nations, age groups, etc. The main objective of the present project is connected with creating a model of such multicultural society and designing the schemes for developing the adaptive features of the personality and its adequate behavior in the conditions of numerous information currents, mutual penetration of the elements of science, language, culture and education in the framework of the EU expansion, as well as establishing closer relations between youth and contributing to the interethnic contacts.

The socio-political developments of the last decade in Estonia stimulated the necessity for working out and substantiating the global paradigm of social and regional development, based on the understanding of the wholeness of European socio-economic and cultural-educational field. The application of such world-picture arrangement has been the activation of the “civilized (tolerant, appropriate, etc.) and intellectual view of the world”.

Given the conditions of the globalization and cultural convergence, the project specially stresses the study and solution of the problems of formal and non-formal system of education, which can be considered:
— on one side, as an efficient mechanism for the ethno-cultural identification of the personality
— on the other side, as a means for harmonizing the interethnic relations.

The present project “Intellectal values and cultural diversity in frames of European globalization” is one of those significant examples in consolidating and uniting different viewpoints, methods and forms of work and productive contact-making between the organizations supporting the development of intellectual spending of free-time among youth.

During the project with the help of the organizers, the direct participants — representatives of Russia, Lithuania and Estonia will be involved in doing morning exercises, making workshops, ice-breaking games, organizing sports events, and organization of “Что? Где? Когда?” town game.

Project is supported by Youth For Europe Foundation and Estover OÜ.

Contacts list (in russian).

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