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“Academy” is the project developed by EUYA team, namely Angelika Kushanova, in cooperation with one of trainers of “Indigo” — Andrei Nakonechnyj (street dance). The main goal of “Academy” is to empower the knowledge of dance trainers by creating a network of professionals, aimed to further contact between them and exchange of information and knowledge and starting up a website and a database of dance teachers, aimed to setting up a starting point in specific searches. The website itself is meant to be accessible for everyone and will become an informational source. By this, project will contribute to the social transformation process in Estonia by exchanging the culture of dance in national aspects.

Purpose for this project is in a growth of non-professional approach to dance trainings in Estonia. The last record show the number of dance studios as around 90 that lead to a lack of dance teachers/trainers, and obviously drop of professionalism and competence among trainers. At the same time, those, who graduated from dance academies, remain to work in one place, not having much contact with other colleagues. Survey, carried out in Tartu, has proved that many educational institutions, such as kindergartens and primary/secondary schools, are extremely interested in providing a dance lessons as a part of studying the national culture, but are not aware or informed of the possibilities in Estonia. Therefore, lack of information is a significant issue.

Project mainly focused on few target groups: present and former students of dance and sport schools, students of dance teachers as indirect target group and all interested in professional dance training as users of the webpage.

With this project we intend to achieve professional approach to trainings, where participants will be lectured on training methods, dance ethics and responsibilities in lessons and will take part in practical exercises. Moreover another important goal is to decrease level of risks in dance education in common, by studying the structure of the mussels, bones and organs.

The long-term project will start with meetings and seminars. For more information please follow the announcements.

The project is supported by “Matra/KAP Programme” of Netherlands Royal Embassy in Estonia

For further information please contact project leaders: Andrei Naconetchnyj and Angelica Kushanova.

More about this project: pictures.

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