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EUYA photoclub

Growth of digital technologies provokes the number of photographers-amateurs is steadily increasing. Nowadays anyone can take a photo camera and start shooting without any knowledge on principles either history of photography. Therefore the main aim of the photoclub of “Indigo” studio has educational aspect — to provide the possibility to improve one's skills while taking the photo.

The activity of the club build on:

  • lections on basics of photography and history;
  • practical exercises for improving certain principles of photo-shooting;
  • independent work with following analysis of the results.

Moreover, during the group work one can learn potentialities and parametres of cameras, general rules of visual arts, genres (portrait, report, landscape, studio photo, macro etc.), editing on the computer, ethic regulations and patterns. Apart of that club has created already partnership relations with other photoclubs as of Tartu and Estonia, so abroad (Finland, for instance) for exchanging the experience and sharing knowledge.

With particular stress on digital photography workshops of the club give a complex idea about history and perspectives of development in nowadays mass culture and progressive society. Being a part of humanitarian education photography develops sence of beauty and taste that if combined with practise teach how to use this skill and be able to appreciate. Meanwhile photoclub provides youngsters possibility to learn how to use their leisure time and energy rationally, be independent at work and aspire to self-development.

To join the club, visit it's webpage or send an email to Julia Barsukova.

Photoclub has also own mailing list for internal communications.

Lille 9,  51010 Tartu   |   Tel./Fax:  +372 566 90 533   |   E-mail:  euya@euya.ee