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Estonian UNESCO Youth Association (EUYA) was established on January 15, 2003 as a youth initiative group. As organization EUYA was officially registered on December 23, 2003. The headquarter of the organization is situated in Tartu, Estonia.

What is EUYA?

EUYA is youth association represented in Estonia in cooperation with National Co-ordination Body (Estonian National Commission of UNESCO). Main duties of EUYA are:

  • Cooperation with regional education, science, social and cultural sectors in and over Europe;
  • Processing of correspondence with National Co-ordination Body (Estonian National Commission of UNESCO), UNESCO Clubs and EUYA members requests for information, exchanges with other NGOs maintaining official relations, invitations to meetings and requests for representation of UNESCO main fields of activities, etc.;
  • Coordination of and support to the consulting mechanisms, preparations for, the holding and follow up to the national and international conferences, consultations in the program of UNESCO globalization and joint program commissions; mobilization of EUYA for the preparation of major international conferences, etc.;
  • Centralization and dissemination of data and information concerning cooperation with UNESCO clubs and National Commissions, notably maintaining and updating of the database and the website.

Our priorities and main objectives are:

  • Working in the field of developing culture, education, science and communication;
  • Spreading the ideas of UNESCO among youth and grown-up population in different regions of and internationally;
  • Uniting the representatives of different social, age and ethnic groups for following the ideas of humanism and tolerance;
  • Organization of programs and projects of involving the youth into regional development and youth policy;
  • Publishing and distribution of diverse literature of scientific, cultural and didactic character;
  • Organization of didactic courses and camps for representatives of all the age groups;
  • Organization of and participation in educational international exchanges, seminars and conferences, reflecting the condition of present-day Europe in different fields and spheres of activity, as well as establishing personal and professional contacts;
  • Creation of thematic libraries, student and youth clubs for following the priorities of the preservation of world heritage and intellectual values;
  • Development of scientific, cultural and didactic values by means of conducting exhibitions, conferences, seminars and sports events;
  • Stressing the spiritual values of national cultures;
  • Formation and development of the standards of culture and behavior.
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