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European voluntary service

EVS is a common project between two organisations (sending and hosting) and a volunteer, who while working voluntarily and getting professional experience in a field of interest uses a chance to learn culture, language and traditions of a chosen country. EVS project may last from 2 up to 12 months in any country of EU and entire world. Meanwhile, all expences due to hosting, travel and training are covered by the project budget and would cause no worry to a motivated youngster. Generally EVS projects are held within social and cultural spheres, from ecology and unemployment to cultural festivals and media. Despite your personal preferences, the diverse database of EVS project should be able to offer you a concrete project matching your wishes.

Consider that EVS opportunity is given only once in a life time, and therefor young person should carefully think over how to use this opportunity at its best, why and how to use knowledge and skills obtained. Besides, you have to decide on the topic and duration of the service. Unfortunately, its is hard to predict how long the motivation would last as the successful project depends on many conditions — from the expectations of the hosts and volunteer to the application procedure. In general, it takes from 5 to 7 months.

Join EUYA Volunteers group or just contact us, and we will help you to find an appropriate hosting organisation and suitable project, and moreover will deal with documentation and application procedures.

More detailed information about EVS find at ENEB and official webpage of Youth in Action Programme.

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