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Club of debaters

Everyone during the life time meets the moment when is necessary to share own opinion in front of certain group of people. Refusing or express it lubberly one can loose the opportunity to change something, to take part in a process or manage important deal as if attending the university or having the interview at work, either having political or speech at the birthday party — from all points of view fluency in communication, or rhetoric, become one of the most important skill. Knowing the basics of rhetoric allows to held the speech in any situation and in front of any public, to express own opinion, to impress and achieve the success.

Club of debaters of “Indigo” studio is dealing with “intellectual debates” during several years. It would become rather boring if the topic would have remained the same all the time. To avoid this debates are dedicated to different topics that allows participants to order their thoughts and to learn structure of presentation.

Debates carry out non-formal methodology, mainly in the form of games, using various programmes (by Carl Popper, American, British, etc.). However, all programmes has it's own structure where two teams are involved: pro and contra. The first one formulate it's arguments for and the second one — contra. Next important stage of debates is to present the arguments in clear logical order and in proper time in according with rules and reglaments.

Club of debates carry out following activities:

  • lections on history of debates, different methods and rules with more focus on how to pose the question or how to present arguments as well as nuances of the rhetoric and psychology of debates;
  • games where participants practise the skills obtained;
  • tournaments among club members and other clubs in Estonia where participants can take part as debaters or judges;
  • judge preparations.

Another activity that take place in the club is Loesje workshops by trainers and volunteers of NGO Loesje Estonia.

Club of debates of “Indigo” studio is devided into two groups: Club of debates of Russian students and Club of debates of Russian scholars. Nevertheless, tournaments of the club are bilingual and open for Estonian-speakers.

Further information about projects implemented:

Russian Tournament of Debates (May 2006)

Integration through debates (February 2007)

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